What Causes Chronic Tiredness and How to Solve It

Chronic tiredness can be the result of a physical problem or an illness. Or, it could be caused by stress and difficult situations. Often, feeling tired all the time without other symptoms is the result of sleep problems that you may not even be aware of. Understanding the cause of your exhaustion and ruling out the more serious capabilities will help you find out how to make adjustments to your lifestyle so you stop feeling tired.

Did you know that inactivity and excess rest can actually make your more tired? If you are feeling sluggish, it may be your first instinct to lay down but in actuality, this is doing you more harm than good. Regular exercise is a popular and effective way to increase your energy levels.

Stress is a major energy zapper for even the healthiest people. Difficult times during our lives can leave us feeling emotionally drained and physically drained as a result. For some, this lasts so long that it becomes a case of clinical depression. Coping with stress and using relaxation techniques can help minimize the impact of tough times and seeking help when it becomes necessary is another way to get back on track.

If you are overweight or underweight, this may play a role in your exhaustion. Those that are very thin lack the muscle to make it through the day without feeling run down. Others that are overweight make their bodies work harder to carry extra weight, leading to chronic tiredness and fatigue. Maintaining normal body weight and muscle mass will keep your body in optimal shape to keep up with you.

You may have a sleep condition like sleep apnoea which can also cause you to feel tired. Sleep apnoea is a condition where breathing is abnormal during sleep. Occasionally it can cause problems with oxygen levels in the brain. People with sleep apnoea have a tendency to snore often, so if you have ever been told that you are a loud sleeper and you are coping with chronic tiredness, this is something to consider. Other less serious sleep problems can also cause tiredness, such as keeping a schedule that interrupts your body's natural sleep patterns.

If you suspect you may be ill or pregnant, see your doctor for a checkup. You may have blood work drawn to look for common causes of exhaustion such as low iron levels and blood sugar problems. Often, there is nothing physically wrong in which case you need to look to lifestyle factors and sleep patterns to determine the cause of your exhaustion.

Fortunately, chronic tiredness is not something that you have to accept and live with. Once you find out what the cause of your exhaustion, you can make changes and start working towards a solution and get your energy back.