What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome? The different causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are mostly difficult to distinguish. Carpal tunnel syndrome could be mostly found in individuals who often use their hands to work. Actually, the rate of carpal tunnel syndrome are high in those individuals who have several health related problems and work-related conditions.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

•Work-Related. This is the number one factor for carpal tunnel syndrome. The repetitive motion of the hands at workplace is the primary factor why there is carpal tunnel syndrome for most individuals. These could be a contributing factor for this medical condition. The precipitating factors related to the work of an individual would include direct pressure and vibration of the hands, increased strength on the hands and wrist, awkward posture of the joints, rhythmic movements of the hands, as well as constrained posture of the elbow and shoulders.

•Medical Conditions. What causes carpal tunnel syndrome are due to the fracture and dislocation the wrist bones or other several health-related problems such as arthritis that put pressure on the nerve. A few other medical conditions would include autoimmune diseases, like the diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypothyroidism. These medical problems trigger pain due to the fluid accumulation that exerts strain in the carpal tunnel.

•Heredity or Genetics-Related Conditions. There is a higher risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome in a family history of this medical problem, which signifies that it is inherited genetically. Presence of abnormal myelin structures , a fatty substance which function as an insulator for the nerve fibers, actually predispose  the condition. Also, there are a few people who are born with carpal bones abnormalities.

•Hormonal Problems. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may as well be aggravated with the different problems with the hormones especially during menopause, and fluid accumulation in the hands and feet during pregnancy.

In fact, what causes carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms totally depends on the entire health and lifestyle of individuals. Treatment modalities are made available foe every individual with CTS. Most of these are for alleviating the different symptoms of the condtion. Doing some carpal tunnel exercises is a good idea for pain reduction. Braces and splints are as well given to reduce the exerted pressure in median nerves.