What Causes And Symptoms Of Pneumonia?


Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that is caused by many infectious agents like viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and mycoplasma. The tiny air sacs in the lung area became inflamed and filled with mucus and pus, which result to inhibiting oxygen to reach in the blood.

There are five types of Pneumonia, the first one is Lobar pneumonia, the second is bacterial pneumonia, the third viral pneumonia, the fourth is fungal pneumonia and the  lastly mycoplasma pneumonia.

Lobar pneumonia is an infection in just one side of the lung. Symptoms may vary and one of the usual are fever, chills, cough, bloody sputum, muscle aches, fatigue, soar throat, enlarged lymph glands in the neck, pain in the chest, and difficult respiration.

Now Bacterial pneumonia is a very dangerous infection because it may come as of either suddenly or gradually. Those people that had a surgery, weak immune system, alcoholic, respiratory weak and have viral diseases are much at risk. The usual symptoms includes shaking, chills, and high in temperature. Also a rust-colored sputum is produced and breathing becomes rapid and labored. Chest pain worsens upon inhalation, abdominal pain and fatigue are very common, but this type of pneumonia gradually spreads from one person to another.

Children that are young, older adults, and people that have weak immune system are very prone and vulnerable to the life-threatening effects of this illness. In the United States Pneumonia is now the fifth leading cause of death. Pneumonia usually leaves its victims with a weakness to persist for four to eight weeks after its acute phase of infection.

Viral pneumonia may come also suddenly and gradually and the symptoms may come as the same as bacterial pneumonia – can be mild, severe or any of it. But it is less serious than bacterial pneumonia infection.

Fungal pneumonia is much less common and is often associated with weakened immune system. People having HIV, AIDS, or certain types of cancer are most likely to be affected.

Mycoplasma pneumonia (walking pneumonia) is caused by an agent that is unclassified but appears to be both bacterium and virus. This infection affects people under forty and the symptoms tend to be less severe than the viral or bacterial pneumonia.

One of the most effective natural pneumonia treatment is the self-administered oxygen therapy on which almost of the European doctors recommend. Further studies confirm that microbes, harmful bacteria’s and viruses such as pneumonia, cancer, heart diseases and even aids, do not cause the disease by themselves. But when there is oxygen depletion in the body this said ailments spreads through out the natural habitat of the human body. When oxygen depletion occurs our body becomes acidic, which makes our own immune system weak and can be easily be taken down by all kinds of viruses and reproducing more harmful bacteria’s respectively. Doctor’s conclude and recommend the first line of defense is to make our system highly oxygenated. Explore and study more of this effective therapy.

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