What Causes Acne Blackheads and How to Get Rid of Them

Acne is a persistent skin problem that is so prevalent today. Almost all people both adolescents and adults alike experience having acne. Dermatologists find it accounting 85% of all cases that they encounter everyday in their clinics. The most common is acne blackheads or acne whiteheads, while the other type of acne which is acne red bumps is the worst case.

Oftentimes, acne blackheads are the problem among adults and adolescents. Although, there are also those who suffer the pus-filled acne red bumps. Both acne problems usually appear when the skin is not properly cleaned everyday. By simply washing the face with soap and water, prevails the appearance of acne. However, there are people who still suffer from acne blackheads even if they really take good care of their skin. This is brought about by the oil that is trapped within the hair follicles that manages to bring about acne, despite the proper care that is given to the skin.

When the hair follicles of the skin are blocked, they still continue the formation of sebum or oily secret within the follicles. Oil should be released from the pores or else they become dense and sticky. When the oil is already in its weak state, it plugs the follicle and eventually results in the formation of acne blackheads, otherwise known as comedones.

At the acne, acne blackheads must be given the proper treatment or else it would worsen. When left unchecked, it would continue to harden, swell, and present a bulge which would have either a black or white color. There are acne blackheads sufferers who thought that pinching the blackheads would eradicate it, however, this method is not an assurance considering that some cells might get damaged in the process. Although there are some who successfully got rid of their acne blackheads by pinching alone.

There are some safe and natural means of removing acne blackheads, one of which can easily be done at home. A mixture of water and baking soda can be used to treat acne. Once the mixture is made, it can be applied on the area where acne is present. It should stay there for a bit of time to allow the mixture to settle on the acne. After some time, water can be used to rinse the mixture off the face. Acne actually sticks to the mixture and is washed away along with it. A soft cloth soaked in the mixture can also be rubbed on the face to remove acne.

Another method of removing acne is by mixing lime juice and cinnamon together. This can be applied before going to bed and could be left on the face until morning. One can also opt for honey and lemon juice. These concoctions are actually natural methods to peel off acne and are also known to restore the health of the skin.

Acne is a skin problem which can be cured, and there is no need to panic whenever it appears. Still, preventing it by regularly washing the face is far better than implementing the cures when acne appears.