What Causes a Chronic Sinus Infection? Nurse’s Guide

If you’ve been suffering for several days or several weeks from some symptoms that you think are sinus infection symptoms or are not sure, you may be wondering if you have a chronic sinus infection. When the lining of the sinus cavities become inflamed, regardless of the cause the condition is called sinusitis. Sinusitis can include having an infection because if you have a sinus infection you also have sinusitis. If you have a one-time bout with a sinus infection it is usually called an acute infection. But if you have an infection that lingers on and on and just doesn’t seem to want to go away no matter what you do then you may have a chronic infection. Having regular sinus attacks that are acute can develop into a chronic sinusitis.

Your infection may be brought on by many different causes including exposure to dust, sawdust, household dust, mold or fungus, pollen, allergic exposure or anything that may cause your sinus cavities to swell up and therefore slow down or stop the flow of mucous from your sinuses. A sinus infection can often follow a cold or flu (influenza). But usually it’s brought on by the other factors I mentioned.

You can help yourself from getting chronic sinusitis attacks by trying to determine what is causing them. Are you constantly exposed to household dust or dust mites in your bedroom? You may be breathing in dust particles at night. Is your bedroom well ventilated? Make sure to air it out often, especially in the winter. The wintertime is when so many people complain about their sinuses and a house or apartment that is all closed up without any fresh air can be the culprit.

Other causes — if you’re a smoker you may expect to get chronic sinus infections from the constant attack of smoke particles on the sinus cavities. If you are exposed to saw dust in your workshop or to flour dust in the kitchen if you’re cooking or baking, then these may be common causes of sinusitis and chronic infections that you’ve overlooked. Are you exposed at work?

Take a good look at your environment and the air around you that you’re breathing every day and you may find the source of your infections. Know that antibiotics just don’t work for most sinus infections since most are caused by mold spores in the dust and will not be helped by antibiotics. Natural home treatment for an acute or chronic sinus infection is best. You can stop them from happening and help yourself when they do.