What Cause Anxiety Attacks- Causes of Anxiety Attacks

You’re wondering what cause anxiety attacks, maybe because you’re wondering if you’ve had one. Or you may want to know the causes so that you can learn how to cure your disorder. Well, what I’m going to share with you are the causes of anxiety attacks.

That way, you will know if you’ve got an anxiety disorder and you will know how to stop it.

The causes of an anxiety attack are:

1. Hyperventilation syndrome. This syndrome is triggered when you breathe through your mouth. When you breathe out of your mouth for too long, you will increase your heart rate. This will then trigger lightheadedness and eventually it will trigger an anxiety attack.

2. Heredity. You could possibly have an anxiety disorder if one of your family members have a history of anxiety attacks or panic attacks.

3. Short term causes. An anxiety attack could be triggered when something dramatic happens in your life, such as when someone close to you dies. If you notice that you’re having emotional problems, be sure to limit your caffeine intake. If you consume too much caffeine, you could trigger an anxiety attack.

4. Phobias. Another cause of an anxiety attack is caused by things you’re afraid of. If you’re scared of speaking in front of a lot of people, you could possibly have an anxiety attack.

5. Environment. If the atmosphere is hot and humid, you could have an anxiety attack. Also, being around too many people for an extended period of time causes some people to have an anxiety attack.

I’ve just outlined what cause anxiety attacks. If you have anxiety attacks, you need to do something about it now. Waiting for too long could be fatal.