What Can Night Shift Workers Do to Sleep Better?


Many people do not always have the luxury or the good fortune of working a standard nine to five shift, Monday through Friday. Many businesses and factories need to be open twenty-four hours a day in order to maintain a certain level of productivity or to create a new product line, etc. Without the efforts of those willing to work an odd shift, many things would impair the economy. As a result though, a great number of people working on the night shift have some type of sleeping disorder, because the experience restlessness in trying to sleep when the rest of the world is awake.

Working a typical night shift is usually midnight to eight in the morning, and so you are typically getting off work, when everyone is battling the daily commute to their job. It can be quite confusing to the mind, particularly if you have worked a normal shift previously in your life.

What you need to do is 'trick' yourself into really believing that it is night time as soon as you get home, if you have any hope of battling insomnia. Just because there is daylight out, does not mean that you should be doing a million things once you end your shift for the day. The average adult needs eight hours of sleep every night, and night shift workers are no exception. Those chores and errands can wait until the evening because you will not be able to function properly unless you head to bed.

Start by closing the blinds or drapes in your room, because bright sunlight will put you in the mood to want to be up and about. Get dressed in your pajamas right away, because sleeping in your clothes may cause a great deal of restlessness. You have an excuse as to why you are wearing your jimmies during the day. Create the whole impression of an evening ritual. Perhaps you might even want to eat breakfast food in the evening when you wake up in order to truly feel like you are on the right schedule.

It is important not to nap when you are a night shift worker. Sleeping in short intervals can be very dangerous, especially if you work in a place like a factory. Your mind will not be at peak performance, and it could cause you to lose focus since you have not been completely at rest. Plus, insomnia can certainly set in if you are always napping. Your body will never become adjusted to this awkward schedule and you will constantly feel groggy and out of copies.

It may not happen right away, but you will adjust to this new schedule after awhile. Just because you do not keep the same hours as everyone else, does not mean that you should cheat yourself out of sleep. Remember that sleeping well and avoiding night time restlessness will help ensure that you do not fall sleep on the job!