What Can Happen During a Car Accident?

A car accident is accompanied with a number of issues. Besides looking for who is to be accused, the victims have to answer the queries of the police or the insurance company. Your car may be damaged or you may have to undergo some physical injuries during the course of an accident. Some common injuries during car accidents include head, brain, neck, or spinal cord injuries.

Amongst all the injuries which one may undergo during a car accident, whiplash is considered as the most common one. Unfortunately, many people do not give much importance to it. You should bear in mind that whiplash is a serious problem and deserves proper attention.

Whiplash implies injury of the soft tissues which are formed of nerves, ligaments, and muscles. You may experience pain in the neck and problems in moving the neck and head as a result of a whiplash injury. If you experience this type of injury, doctors may prescribe you medications and physical therapies as well.

Head and Neck injuries can also occur during a car accident. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most serious injuries that one can face in an accident. This brain injury takes place when the brain is hit. As you may know, brain injuries can lead to permanent or momentary problems pertaining to the brain and its proper functioning. TBI may cause skull fractures, hematoma, or may also damage the nerves.

Diagnosis of such brain injuries is also a difficult thing. You can get the diagnoses of such injuries through CT scan and MRI. Some common symptoms of brain injuries include seizures, headache, dizziness, lack of concentration, memory loss, or anxiety.

Another serious and common injury during a car accident is Back Injury. You may hurt your intervertebral disks, cervical discs, thoracic, mid-back, disks and lumbar lower back, and disks in a car accident. In the worst case scenario, such injuries may lead to permanent disability. Some symptoms of spinal injury are arm or leg weakness, paralysis, difficulty in breathing, numbness, tingling, and abnormal bowel or bladder control. Such disc injuries may call for surgery.

Besides, one may also hurt the internal organs during car accidents. You may hurt your kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, heart, or aorta. In addition, ribs fracture is also a common injury that you may face as a result of a car accident. Car accidents victims frequently get hurt on the spleens or the lungs. You may also get injuries on forearms, arms, shoulders, wrists and fingers.

Other than physical injuries, you car may damage during the course of an accident. It may receive a few scratches or dents depending on the intensity of the accident. In severe cases, the engine of the car can also get damaged.

In order to remain safe from all the mishaps which can happen during a car accident, you need to be very vigilant while driving. Concentrate on the road, and do no indulge in distractions like cell phones or laptops as they often lead you to accidents.