What Are Tonsil Stones That We Ought To Know

Tonsils play a very important role in our body. They trap bacteria that comes through the mouth preventing infections to the body. Tonsils always has contact with bacteria, and because of that the bacteria can build up and become hard white spots that is called tonsil stones. The causes of tonsil stones are bacteria and food particles that are trapped by our tonsils. These hardened white spots  that become tonsil stones can increase the chance of having tonsillitis and other oral infections.


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Often times some people do not realize that they already have tonsil stones until they see it from a mirror. Sometimes tonsil stones can make you uncomfortable and be irritating. Some of these are sore and irritated throat, having red tonsils and have you felt that your ear is aching? These are some symptoms of tonsil stones and once you feel some of these symptoms you need to have your tonsils checked to make sure that nothing is wrong with you, we all do want to stay healthy and stay away from sickness and illnesses.

Have you experienced a moment you coughed and a white, hard and bad smelling particle comes out of your mouth? Do not worry, it is just a tonsil stone from your tonsils made up of volatile sulfur compounds, post nasal drips and bacteria. The smell produced by a tonsillolith is usually contained within the tonsil stones themselves. Unless it actually breaks open in the back of your throat, this odor is not usually released. However, if you are creating these tonsillar stones, then you most likely have the exact same oral environment that is conducive to a bad breath problem – either occasional or chronic. This is because the exact conditions that cause tonsil stones; post-nasal drip, dry mouth, white tongue, excess mucous, are also very likely to cause halitosis.

How to prevent tonsil stones? Actually, good oral hygiene does the trick. You just need to brush your teeth regularly, twice a day is good, also don’t forget to brush your tongue and flossing to remove bacteria. And by doing these good oral hygiene tips you can be sure that bacteria inside the mouth will go running away, plus you can have a good smelling breath.

Let’s say that you already have tonsil stones, there are some home tonsil stones remedy that you can do. Making a salt water gargle can help to clean the back of your throat and provide some relief from the irritation of tonsil stones, and over time, the gargling can help to dislodge a pesky tonsil stone and bring more permanent relief.

Always remember that good oral hygiene practice should be done. Bad breath is not a good sign and also a horrifying to someone you are talking with face to face. Do not forget to visit your dentist regularly to check whether you have mouth problems or none. The dentist or your hygienist can help you out on ways to prevent tonsil stones and of course give your teeth that shine to always make you smile.


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