What Are the Ways to Treat Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy occurs due to the damage to the brain cells that control muscles and nerves. Most people think that cerebral palsy occurs because of damage to muscles or nerves in the body parts. This disorder is manly caused because of damage to the brain or improper development of the brain. The development of brain begins as soon as a baby develops inside a mother's womb. If for some reason, the brain of the fetus does not develop fully then it can result in cerebral palsy in the newborn. The brain is the part, which controls our muscles movements, and any damage to any part of the brain can cause this disorder.

If the part of the brain, which allows the child to talk, walk, stand and sit, are not developed properly or are damaged then your child will have difficulty doing these things. Depending upon the extent to which the cells in the brain are damaged, the disorder can be classified as being simple or severe. Normally when damage to the brain occurs it is a condition which remains for ever and there fore there is no cure as for cerebral palsy but treatment is available which can help elevate the pain but no permanent cure.

Cerebral palsy is not a progressive disorder as many think it to be. Once the damage to the brain has occurred, then it does not become any worse but the effects of cerebral palsy do. As one ages muscle coordination and body movement can worsen but in cases where effective treatment works, many people have found marked improvements.

Treatment palsy Cerebral in the form of therapies and medication go The a long way to help elevate children from problems associated with this medical condition. There are a number of therapies, which can be used to help children, like speech therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, yoga therapy, and physiotherapy.

Children respond well to music, dance, and even yoga therapy. Children with cerebral palsy will find that they are unable to move their limbs because the muscles in their arms and legs become stiff and rigid and many of their reflex movements can not be controlled. So when they walk you will find they are unable to move their limbs with ease like other normal children would do. Movements become greatly restricted. Muscle spasms are often seen in children with cerebral palsy and treatment needs to be given to control these muscle spasms or you will find them writhing in pain.

Speech therapy helps them to express themselves better and develops their motor skills physiotherapy helps them to exercise the affected muscles with proper exercises. With music and dance, they will learn to be more expressive while yoga therapy is known to do wonders to children with cerebral palsy. Yoga therapy helps stretch the affected muscles and helps relieve the stiffness in them allowing them greater movement.

A child with cerebral palsy should be given treatment at the earliest as soon as diagnosis is made. This gives them greater freedom and helps them to grow up with confidence about themselves.