What are the symptoms of gastritis and how to treat it?

Burning sensation in the upper part of stomach, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, belch … are just some of the symptoms of gastritis. Gastritis is inflammation of gastric mucous membrane, which may, but also may not be the precursor of boil.
Rare are the people who occasionally are not suffering from gastritis. However, if you smoke, drink lots of coffee, eat spicy foods, drink alcohol, then you are surely in high-risk group.
Gastritis usually attacks the elderly, but this does not mean that young people will not have such problems. Apart from alcohol, smoking, spicy food, gastritis may be a result of taking certain medications, for example, aspirin and anti-rheumatics as a result of viral and bacterial infections.
If you suffer from gastritis, first of all, consider your lifestyle. If you are one of those who drink cups of coffee and smoke a few cigarettes early in the morning, then change your morning ritual, and certainly before the first sip put at least something in your mouth. Soda drinks and strong flavored foods are damage to you.

Recommendation: Eat a banana first thing in the morning.
When you have an attack of gastritis, you should stop eating for a while and then take light boiled foods, in small quantities. Avoid lemon, orange, grapefruit, and sour food.
Also be careful with larger quantities of dairy products (especially sour yogurt)! If a pain in the stomach continues to bother you, take antacid – a cure for the annulment of acidity.

If you are tormented by gastritis for a long time, it would be smart to contact the doctor, who will probably make X-rays and (I) gastroscopy, take a sample of tissue for biopsy to determine the exact cause of the illness.