What Are The Risks of Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy?

One of the most important things you should know about fibroids and pregnancy is that if you are suffering from myoma now, it may not be wise to conceive. However, if you have realized you have fibroids when you are already pregnant, and you are wondering about the problems that may arise as you get towards the last month of your pregnancy; we are here to offer you all the necessary information that you may need regarding your health. This vital information will help you make an informed decision concerning your condition.

Fibroids are unusual growths that tend to occur inside and outside your uterine walls. There are those rare occasions when a fibroid fixes itself on another organ that’s nearby (this is known as parasitic fibroid). Myomas are simply muscle tissue and some compact connective tissues. This is the problem though: these growths keep enlarging and they can even multiply in your body. Often, fibroids are quite small and they do not pose any significant risks, especially if the patient is not pregnant during the time she is diagnosed with myoma.

Nevertheless, when a woman suffering from fibroids conceives, she should be closely monitored by a doctor since they can lead to a host of other problems during pregnancy. Some of the most common problems may include:


Large tumors in the uterus can prevent a woman from getting pregnant. From the above, fibroids are not really good for women who would like to get pregnant and give birth in future since they affect the same place where an unborn baby stays for nine months.

During Pregnancy

Fibroids have been known to result to abrupt miscarriages. Women who are expecting should really limit their stress levels and circumstances that may result to excessive physical strain especially if they are suffering from fibroids since they are at higher risks of suffering from miscarriages.

Not every woman who is pregnant and dealing with fibroids ends up losing their pregnancy. However, one should bear in mind that if they do not miscarry, the expectant woman can still suffer from premature labor. Early labor occurs when the membranes found inside the uterus suddenly rupture. Any form of rupturing in the uterus can result to early labor.


In some known cases, myomas have also been known to cause problems even after a woman has already given birth. The placenta may fail to come out posing danger to the mother especially if she has big fibroids in the uterus.

These are just some of the worst cases of uterine fibroids and pregnancy. If you are a fibroids patient, it’s important to be aware of what may happen to you if you get pregnant before you get a fibroids cure. There are different forms of fibroids cures that women can choose from.

It’s usually a great idea to remove your fibroids before you conceive so that you can decrease any problems that may occur. You wouldn’t like to gamble with life by getting pregnant when you know you already are suffering from large fibroids.

Discuss with your doctor about a myomectomy or any other similar forms of treatments so that only the abnormal tumors in your uterus are eliminated. After you have gotten a perfect fibroids cure, you can go ahead and get pregnant without worrying about the dangers of uterine fibroids and pregnancy.