What Are The Remedies For Chronic Bad Breath?


Are you suffering from a persistent problem of bad breath? Chronic bad breath or halitosis is in fact a very common problem and it can happen to everyone. The problem of halitosis or halitosis has got several reasons behind it, but the primary problem in most cases is the action of anaerobic bacteria of the mouth on the food leftovers that have accumulated inside an unclean mouth. Fortunately, there are very effective remedies for chronic bad breath, which if properly followed can help you get rid of halitosis in a very short interval of time.

The first remedy to chronic halitosis is to ensure that the mouth does not contain any food leftovers in it. This is important, because it is the food leftovers that help the bacteria with nutrition. S. Mutans and H.Pylori are two such anaerobic bacterial species that thrive on the food leftover inside the mouth. This unheaten food combines with the dead cells of the mouth and is deposited as a residue on the tongue or around the teeth as plaque. The anaerobic respiration of the bacteria generates mild sulfurous fumes, which cause the halitosis. The remedial action against chronic bad breath that basically involves keeping t he mouth clean and free of the bacterial breeding fields.

The first step that is to spend a little bit more time brushing and cleaning the teeth. Teeth must be brushed in a lengthwise up and down manner, with the brush held in a slightly slanting position to get the best results. Haphazard brushing all over the teeth is much less helpful than a systematic and individual attention to each tooth. Clean each tooth separately and if you can floss regularly then there is really nothing better remedy to chronic bad breath than that. Try brushing the teeth at least twice daily, once before going to the bed and once after you get up from the bed after a long sleep.

While cleaning also pay considering mind in cleaning the tongue. The posterior area of ​​the tongue is actually the main source of the halitosis. Clean the tongue off its dirty residue using a scrubber or a tongue cleaner. Just make sure that the tongue does not seem white. It is worthwhile to remember here that this may not happen in one day, considering the amount of time the residue has collected on the tongue. So, do not lose patience and keep on cleaning the tongue gently with a tongue cleaner to make the inside of the mouth a much cleaner space. If the chronic halitosis is persistent, then sometimes there is also some physiological problem like a stomach disorder or a throat infection. If such is the case, then consult your dentist the soonest.

Drinking lots of clean water and depending less on an animal protein diet are also critical remedies to the chronic halitosis problem. Include more and more organic components like the fresh fruits and vegetables to help yourself get out of the smelly halitosis. Avoid food with excessive volatile oil concentration like mustard, garlic, and onion to get rid of the typical halitosis that may come out of the mouth. Green tea is very helpful in fighting halitosis as the antioxidants present in green tea helps kill the bacterial infection inside the mouth. Specifically the unsweetened version of green tea can be most helpful. Sweetened beverages like alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are not the least helpful in solving the bad breath problem; instead, they rather increase it. Try cutting down on such beverages.