What Are The Pros and Cons of Using A Penis Extender Device?

If you are like most guys who are embarrassed about having a small penis, you have read about how a penis extender device is the only scientifically proven device for getting bigger.

A penis extender (also known as a penis stretcher or a penis traction device) works on the principle of traction long used in orthopaedic surgery. In orthopaedic surgery, limbs are worked on to make functional again. How it works is that our body cells multiply and grow when a measured traction force is applied to a certain part of the body.

This cell multuplication results in the growth of the body tissue. When applied to penis enlargement, the penis traction device exerts a safe, measured traction force over the length of the organ, thereby encourage cell multiplication and tissue growth.

The good news is that various clinically studies have been carried by doctors in Spain and these proved beyond a doubt that such a device does work. This is further supported by the countless forum posts on success stories by guys using such enlargement devices.

So as you can see, using a penis extender is the only clinically proven way for you to enlarge your manhood.

But now for the bad news. A penis traction device is not all good and nothing bad. There are some concerns and these are mainly price and comfort.

First, the price. A penis extender is not cheap and a reasonably good one can set you back anywhere from US$200 to US$400. So it is out of reach of many small guys who may need them. But there are good ones around which are priced lower but you need to look hard to find them. More on that later…

Another issue is the comfort of wearing a device on your penis. Note that you need to “wear” it for a few hours a day, every day for the first 2 months at least. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you want. Wearing something foreign on your manhood for hours can be uncomfortable. So many guys are rightly concerned about comfort.

Surely, you don’t want to damage your manhood wearing a device just to get bigger. There is a solution to the discomfort problem, though. This is the comfort strap that you can use to wrap around your penis to prevent it from being sore. Some penis stretcher comes with this comfort so it is better to get those.

So, there you have it. The good and bad things about using a penis extender device. If you are really keen on getting one (because it works), then please only get one that comes with a comfort strap. If budget is a concern to you, then you might want to get one that does not come with all the frills like mahagony case and what not. You can instead look for one that is bare-bones yet fully functional.

If you look hard enough, I’m sure you can find one that is affordable and comes with a comfort strap to make life easier for you.