What Are the Phases of Pressure Ulcers?

If you are elderly, have limited mobility or are bed ridden, then you know about the dangers of pressure ulcers. This ulcer is also referred to as a bed sore, decubitus ulcers or pressure sores. They occur from lying in one spot for too long without shifting your weight.

It is a common affliction for those with limited mobility, people with diabetes, for those who have urinary and bowel incontinence. These are the people who are most at risk for developing this type of disease. If you are to know the treatment plans for these ulcers, then you have to know the bed sore stages.

Phase I is reddened skin. Phase II is a blister that has formed. Phase III is an open sore from where the blister has ruptured. Phase IV is a crater that has obvious signs of dead tissue and infection. The treatment options for a diabetic or a pressure ulcer are quite standard.

The first step is to reduce the pressure placed on the area. A pressure ulcer is most often found in areas of boney prominences such as the elbows, feet and back. Next, the treatment for this disease used will depend on stage of development.

Keeping the area clean and free of dead tissue is very important. By doing this you reduce the risk of infection to the pressure ulcers. If you notice any foul smell, redness and tenderness or the area around the ulcer is inflamed, then you need to see your physician immediately.

The wound is probably infected and can seriously endanger your health. There are ways to help prevent a pressure ulcer from developing. You should try to use mobility to change positions and reduce the pressure. You also need to be checked daily to ensure that no new ulcers are forming.

Pressure ulcers are no laughing matter. For some people they have to deal with these ulcers and skin lesions on a daily basis. Their limited mobility is a huge factor in how the ulcers form.

You can help prevent this from happening to you or a loved one by knowing the signs and phases of a pressure ulcer. You should always pay attention to your health and try to improve your nutrition if you find yourself getting many ulcers.