What Are the Most Common Food Poisoning Types?

Food poisoning types are limited in that they all involve the presence of something in the food or beverage that causes ill effects. Typically these things are limited to certain categories. They include bacteria, virus, parasite, or toxin. Some of these types are far more common than other varieties, but there are commonalities among all these types.

The onset is one of the many variations. In some cases there is an incubation period prior to any symptoms. This may take as long as three days in the case of some bacteria. In other cases the symptoms may begin within twenty-four hours of ingestion. A number of factors may determine when the symptoms begin.

Some food poisoning types may result in more serious symptoms. These include poisoning that result from some fish, mushrooms, or botulism. In these cases you should seek medical attention immediately. There are some individuals that may suffer more severe symptoms as well. These individuals include those that have conditions that reduce the capacity of the immune system or that reduce their kidney function. If the symptoms extend beyond approximately forty-eight hours you may need to seek medical attention. Similarly if your symptoms become extreme at any time you should seek medical help. Some food poison types may require proper medical treatment before they will get better.

The most common treatment for food poison is simply increasing the amount of clean fluids that you take in. This is especially important when your symptoms include diarrhea. If you are unable to prevent dehydration you should seek medical attention as well.

To avoid food poisoning you should choose to eat at reputable restaurants. If you are in an area that does not practice the same level of food safety as your home country you should practice extra caution. Typically food should be served hot or cold. The extreme heat and extreme cold work to prevent the proliferation of many forms of bacteria which are among the most common causes of food poisoning! When you prepare food at home you should be certain to wash all produce properly and thoroughly cook all foods prior to eating.