What Are the Most Common Causes of Obesity?

One of the most obvious causes of obesity is simply overeating. When you eat more food than your body requires then the excess is stored as fat. This can occur by eating too much in volume or eating foods that are high in fat and calories. These are some of the simplest causes of obesity. Having said that, the causes of obesity can me more complicated and involved than just eating too much. Investigation into the causes is often advised.

No Control

Some people appear to have no control when it comes to how they eat. They do not control the types or amounts of food they eat or the frequency. As a result is seems as though they are constantly eating and making poor food choices. What also seems to be happening is that they are also not participating in an active lifestyle. Exercise is not part of their daily plan. Some people are emotional eaters and some are in fact addicted to food so getting help to determine the underlying cause of obesity is a good place to start.

Genetics can play a part in causing obesity and of course we can not control our genetics. However, those with a genetic predisposition to obesity have to work that much harder to combat obesity so they can look forward to a healthier future. Doing all you can to prevent illness and disease should be as important as any other goal in life.

The Junk food Curse

Junk food plays a major role in the causes of obesity. Of course, the only time junk food can cause obesity is when it is eaten so left alone, it can not cause any harm. Ultimately, the person who puts the food in their mouth is responsible as one of the causes of obesity.

If it is a child who is obese, then the responsible adult is responsible for providing healthy alternatives, being a good role model and being the adult in the relationship. Compromise is a good tool to use in this situation. The child can have a small amount of whatever it is they want but they have to exercise or do sports or some other form of activity first. Monitor the portions and start making all the servings smaller so when they clean their plates, the total intake has been less. They will not even notice it and leaving the table not full is a good thing too. They should eat enough but not full to the brim.

The Diet Merry-Go-Round

Promotion of a healthier lifestyle is much better than dieting. Dieting to many people means deprivation and even starvation to achieve the goal of becoming thin. The problem with diet is that once the target weight is achieved and they start to eat as they did before, the weight can return rapidly and oftentimes to an even greater level than pre-diet.

The body can get used to the dieting regime so when having to return to dieting to lose the re-gained weight, weight loss can be more difficult. Each new attempt can be more difficult than the previous one.

Medical conditions can predispose one to being obese. Diseases like hypothyroidism which affects the metabolism and Prader Willi Syndrome which is genetic and can causes the feeling of constant hunger which leads to excessive eating and life-threatening obesity.

Taking all of these things into consideration, the fact remains that the most common cause of obesity is overeating and lack of exercise. What's exciting is to know that in most cases the condition can be rectified with improved eating habits, exercise, and I some cases, counseling and medical intervention.

Another possible cause of obesity is that after going on a forced diet, some people return to their old and wicked ways of eating and will relapse into living inactive lifestyles and as a consequence will then quickly put on all the weight that they had just shed. Another offshoot of dieting is that as each diet follows the previous one, the body becomes attuned to the starving methods you are employing, and thus it becomes harder to lose weight with each new attempt at dieting.

Even certain illnesses are considered as being causes of obesity though in very rare instances are illnesses such as hypothyroidism as well as Prader Willi Syndrome chronic feeling of hunger that can lead to excessive eating and life-threatening obesity.conditions that can cause obesity. However, there are no doubts that the leading cause of obesity is the present day lifestyle that millions of people are leading. In order to prevent the occurrence of obesity, it is necessary to intervene early so that diet and lifestyle can be controlled and brought under control before things turn too serious.