What Are the Major Reasons For Getting a Non-Pregnancy?

Many couples suffer mental trauma as they are not able to have a child despite their will and efforts. The worst part of it is that they are not even able to fathom the reasons for such state of affairs. While there could be specific reasons in each such case as human anatomy is unique and requirements of every person vary from that of the other, there are certain common reasons that cause such infertility in women or men.

There is a misconception among many that infertility is characteristic of women alone while the truth is something else. Infertility syndrome could affect both men and women alike. It could be the case that the women are quite fertile while the man does not possess the power to make her pregnant due to some hormonal or other deficiencies. Hence it is good to have tests carried on by experienced physicians on both the husband and wife to find out the reasons for non-pregnancy.

Normally the control of hormone in the menstrual cycle of a woman is one of the most complex tasks one could carry out. Some of the conditions that can cause fertility problems in women are ovulation problems, age, and anatomical problems, blocked fallopian tubes, or cervical disorders. There could be several other such reasons but these are the ones that has major impact in creating infertility in women. However, if you are facing any such problem there is no reason to lose heart since appropriate treatments are now available for most of them. Medical science has made huge strides during the last few decades and physical disorders that were beyond comprehension in the past has now become easy prey for the doctors.

More than 25% of the women suffering from fertility problems have the reasons in ovulation problems. The ovarian cycle is a very complex factor and slight changes in it could disrupt the entire cycle and the ovulation. Hormonal imbalances could be other major reasons for infertility. This could be caused either by hormone deficiencies in your body or due to untimely discharge of hormone. Weight is a major factor for pregnancy. Either extremely low or high weight is both averse to your getting fast and safe pregnancy. Age is also a factor though it is the most natural phenomenon. Mostly people above the age of 35 to 40 suffer infertility due to age. Finally, blocked fallopian tubes can also cause such problems. They are blocked by past infections due to pelvic diseases or abdominal surgery and even sexually transmitted diseases.

Of course the best adviser would be your doctor and whenever you face a problem of this kind does not forget meeting him or her.