What Are The Main Causes Of Liver Failure?

There are several diseases which can cause a liver to malfunction. The causes of liver failure may be liver cell damage, obstruction to bile flow, viral hepatitis, drug induced hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer among many others.

Most causes of liver failure will be discussed below. A defective synthesis of proteins and detoxification can cause damage to the liver cells. If the liver cells are damaged, one may experience loss of appetite, occasional fever, minor abdominal pains, bleeding, and discoloration of the eyes and skin to become yellowish.

When there is a defective excretion and absorption of fat and fat soluble vitamins from the intestines, the bile flow may become obstructed.

Viral hepatitis is one of the causes of liver failure. It may be acquired through sexual intercourse and through blood transfusion. There are several hepatitis viruses that affect the liver. These are hepatitis A, B, C, D and E infections. The hepatitis B is the most lethal of these hepatitis viruses. It causes damage to the liver cells as well as causes minimal bile flow obstruction. This infection can take away your life in just a matter of weeks specifically if not diagnosed early.

There are several drugs which can cause damage to the liver when taken in excessive amounts and even when taken in normal doses. These drugs may cause liver sell damage as well as bile flow obstruction depending on the medication given to a person. They may be medications for tuberculosis, antibiotic, anesthetic drugs and antipyretic especially when taken in high doses.

A condition that is characterized by irreversible damage to the liver cells is called cirrhosis. In this condition, the cells are totally damaged and replaced by non-functioning nodules. Cirrhosis is due to heavy alcohol intake, hepatitis B and C infections, and several others. Cirrhosis, when it is in its final stage, can lead to liver cancer.

Cancer of the liver is the most fatal cause of liver failure. It is the most serious of all causes and can cause to death of a person in a very short period of time.

Tuberculosis, connective tissue disorders, blood malignancies and malaria are other diseases which can cause liver failure.