What Are the Main Causes of Anxiety Attacks?

The anticipation of a threat, which could either be real or imaginative, often results in anxiety and ultimate an attack. Whenever you are in a state of anxiety, your body undergoes numerous biological changes which are different from normal bodily functions. Let us now discuss a few of the causes of anxiety attacks:

What Are The Main Causes?

1. Hereditary

Individuals who have a family history of anxiety related disorders often suffer from this problem. While anxiety disorders run in families, even twins are not spared of its wrath. Statistical data reveals that almost 88% of all twins born in such families suffer from anxiety related disorders.

2. Biological Problems

Certain biological problems such as post traumatic stress syndrome, Wilson's disease, hypoglycemia, mitral valve prolapse, obsessive compulsive disorders and deficiency of Vitamin B, may also lead to anxiety attacks.

3. The Case Of Phobias

People who are exposed to certain phobic objects or scenarios can also suffer from anxiety related disorders.

4. Short Term Causes

Short term triggers such as the sudden loss of a significant one, emotional attachment in a romantic relationship, drastic changes in life, excessive intake of caffeine and other stimulants such as nicotine can cause anxiety attacks on a random basis.

5. Negative Thoughts

If you are habitual of avoiding 'provoking situations' and indulge in 'anxious self talk', the chances are that you may suffer from anxiety related disorders. Likewise, mistaken beliefs as well as withheld emotions may also lead to anxiety.

6. A Pessimistic Attitude

Lack of assertiveness is also considered to be a major cause for an increase in the number of attacks related to anxiety. In case you have a passive style of communication, you automatically become un-assertive.

7. Side Effects Of Medicines

There are certain antibiotics which can trigger anxiety attacks. Two well known medicines which can trigger anxiety attacks are Ratalin and Fluoroquinolone.