What Are The Effects of Gall Bladder?

The gall bladder act just like a reservoir for the bile secreted by the liver. All the nutrients and toxins are transported by the blood trough the body. The liver is the filter of the body. It filters the blood and eliminates all the waste. Waste includes all the residues, also called toxins and the dead cells. Bile is all the waste that remains after the liver cleaned the blood. Bile is produced all the time. Eliminating waste is not the only use of the liver, the bile being used for digestive purposes. The gall bladder holds the bile until it is needed in the digestive system where it processes the fats and the cholesterol.

All the problems that may appear with the gall bladder can be surgically treated every where in the US There are only three problems that my appear. Irritations and swellings of the gall bladder, blocking of the passage that leads from the gall bladder to the intestines. The last problem that the gall bladder can develop is the emerging of stones inside of it.

In most cases herbal medicine should be enough to treat it, but one should see a doctor if his bladder is infected or painful. After a short examination a doctor will be able to decide if the suffering patient needs medication or a surgical intervention.

In the occidental culture the bladder is removed at the very first signs of an infection, because an infected bladder is a very risky thing. Removing it will cause the pains to stop but it will lead to other problems regarding weight. They need to control their fat intake or take enzymes or bile enzymes.

In the eastern culture (Asian) patients are tested and a decision is taken afterwards. If the gall stone is small, like under 1 cm then they will administrate only herbal medicine and traditional treatments like acupuncture. If it's larger then physicians will remove it surgically. It seems that traditional treatment (herbs and acupuncture) is very successful China being the country with the lowest gall bladder removal rates in the whole world. An expert in traditional treatments will discover the symptoms of Gall bladder diseases before an Occidental physician.