What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy – A Guide

The early signs of pregnancy are the symptoms that you should know and it can be physical or emotional. They are ways for the woman to recognise the changes taking place inside her body in preparation for a growing foetus. Changes will occur during the first trimester as hormones will be released two weeks after conception.

To know more, here is a list of the most common early pregnancy symptoms.

Missed Period
For women who have regular cycles, checking a missed period will not be difficult. In other cases, women have to check on other symptoms to ensure for pregnancy. Some women will have light spotting around the time of implantation, or close to the time of their usual period. This is due to the fertilised egg burrows into the uterine lining.

Morning Sickness
Morning sickness does not always occur in the morning, it can occur any time of the day. It is manifested by nausea or frequent vomiting. For other women, they mistake this symptom for stomach disorder or food poisoning. The effects of the pregnancy hormones (Human chorionic gonadotrophin and estrogen) can cause this symptom even before you know you are pregnant.

Breast Changes
If you feel a tingling sensation, fullness of your breast, or even over sensitivity of your nipples, this is just a sign of the normal changes taking place in your body. As the body prepares itself for breastfeeding, two weeks after conception, the breast may start to feel swollen, sensitive, tender and even painful. However, this sign of pregnancy can be seen as early as first week after conception.

Mood Swings And Irritability
Irritability is usually secondary to fatigue and surging hormones. Mood swings are common in early pregnancy. This is characterised by irritability and crying for no reasons. Something may feel not quite the same or you may feel elated emotions such as exhilaration or weepiness.

Food Cravings
If you crave for certain type of foods even when you are not hungry can also be an indicator. However, do not rely on a craving for mangoes and cakes as a sure symptom of pregnancy. Sometimes, it may be all in your mind, or even a sign that you body is deficient in some food components. If you suspect that you are conceiving, see your doctor to check the cause of your food cravings.

Fatigue and low energy level can also be one of the early signs of pregnancy. The symptom can be attributed to lack of sleep, busy schedule and hormonal imbalance. High levels of the hormone progesterone experienced during pregnancy can make you feel exhausted. This sign can be experienced as early as the first week after conception.

Frequent Urination
In pregnancy, some women will start making more frequent urgency to urinate. It is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and it is very common during the first trimester and the third trimester. This occurs as early as first week and is one of the hallmark signs of pregnancy. The growing size of uterus compresses the urinary bladder resulting in frequent urination.