What Are The Disadvantages Of Cochlear Implants


Any hearing impaired person would need a cochlear implant if the impairment is severe, though there are some disadvantages of cochlear implants. The device is placed in the ear through a minor surgical procedure. Since it is kept in the cochlear part, it is called as cochlear implant. The brain receives the signals that are in electrical form. The sound is converted into these signals by the device.

There are various disadvantages that are associated with the cochlear implants. As a surgical procedure is used to implant the device, there are many risks associated with the surgery including infections and other surgical complications. Facial muscle paralysis can also be seen in some people. This happens because of the damage to the facial nerve during the surgery.

The cochlear implant surgery can cause tinnitus to occur in some people. Another risk of surgery is that there could be a complete loss of the ability to hear. The other major disadvantages of cochlear implants include the fact that there are some devices that can fail and there will be no benefit for the person who has undergone the surgery.

Some of the people who have had a surgery to get the implant placed can also suffer from problems like meningitis. The people who have had a cochlear implant should not indulge in certain activities like swimming. Precautions should be taken even while showering. This is a disadvantage too as the lifestyle of the individual is curbed to an extent.

Since the cochlear implant is an electronic one, the person who is using the device needs to be very careful and should avoid standing in areas where there could be a strong magnetic field present. If such a field is present, it can lead to the damage of the implant. Avoiding places where there could be a magnetic field is very important.

Another important disadvantage is that the external component of the cochlear implant may have to have the batteries changed at regular intervals. If the device runs on rechargeable batteries, then this problem can be overcome. Though there are many advantages of a cochlear implant, there are some disadvantages too. An informed decision should be made by the affected individual depending on the risks present and the rewards that can be gained. This will help the person to overcome the disadvantages of cochlear implants.