What Are the Common Signs of Food Poisoning?

The signs of food poisoning are not always the same. Particular causes of the illness, such as some forms of bacteria can result in very different signs than food poisoning caused by a virus. There are some common warning signs that you can be aware of though.

The most important consideration when being vigilant for signs of food poisoning is whether you have reason to be concerned. If you are in an area that is known for lower food safety standards then there may be sufficient cause to be more careful. Similarly if something you have recently (forty-eight hours) eaten did not seem cooked thoroughly, was sitting out at room temperature, or smell / tasted different or odd then you may have reason to suspect poisoning by food.

Among the most common signs, and often the first to develop, is diarrhea. There may be other forms of bowel movement irregularity as well. As well as discomfort in the intestinal tract there may be discomfort in the abdomen as well. This may come in waves or may become rather constant. The pain or discomfort may be extreme or mild. There are other signs of food poisoning that do not involve the digestive system. These include fever, headache, and general fatigue or malaise. Individuals may experience variations of these symptoms throughout the illness

In cases that involve symptoms that are extreme in nature you should seek immediate medical care. These include extreme fever and extreme diarrhea (dehydration) for example. In cases when the symptoms continue to get worse or the number of symptoms continues to increase you should seek medical care. If you are individual with an existing illness or medical condition you should seek medical care as well. Individuals that have reduced immune system functions, such as individuals receiving chemotherapy and the elderly and very young should also consult a physician.

There is a possibility that this can be a deadly condition. Food poisoning that may have resulted from fish, mushrooms, or botulism should receive immediate care. There is also a possibility that the poisoning can develop into a deadly condition. If the symptoms have not resolved within forty-eight hours of onset you should consult a doctor.