What Are the Characteristics of Heart Disease?

You may be asking the question, what are the characteristics of heart disease, to make sure that you do not have any of them. This is a good step as you may well then be able to prevent a heart attack from occurring. Although gender, age as well as heredity are issues you cannot avoid, there are other factors that you could reduce or possibly eliminate.

There are different forms of heart disease that one can develop. This disease refers to the different sections that make up the heart. One could have a problem with the heart’s valves. You could have a problem with the heart’s lining. Or you could have a problem with the heart’s muscles.

Coronary artery infection is one of the most common types of heart conditions and thus also the biggest killer. Fat and other substances that travel in your bloodstream will combine and form plaque which sticks to the sides of your vessels. This narrows the blood flow path. If bits of plaque break down and start flowing with the blood, it will sometimes cause a blockage in the blood flow. This will cause a heart attack.

Another characteristic of a heart condition is heart muscle disease or cardiomyopathy. It is a condition where the heart is unusually enlarged and thickened. It could also be stiffened. Due to the organ’s condition, its muscles are weakened and the ability to pump blood is restricted. This causes a backup of blood into the lung area or sometimes into the rest of the body. There are three types of cardiomyopathy, these being dilated, hypertrophic and restrictive cardiomyopathy.

Pericardial disease is caused by an inflammation of the thin fibrous sheath which is around the organ. It is caused by infections, trauma, tumors, cancer or radiation. The symptom of the condition is chest pain. There could also be fever as well as an increased heart rate.

Heart valve disease happens when the valves are no longer functioning the way they should. These valves are at the exit of each of the 4 heart chambers and they control the one-way flow of blood through the heart. They prevent the blood from flowing back into the ventricles. There are several types of heart valve diseases and these include an instance where the opening is smaller than normal. Another is when the valve does not seal correctly.

What are the characteristics of heart disease? The answer is that they vary. Your health-care practitioner will have to do the necessary tests and checks to confirm exactly what your condition is.