What Are The Causes Of Hyperacidity And Alternative Medicines For Curing It


Hyperacidity is a long term disease and if not cured early can destroy internal body organs. It made a life curse. Excessive gastric juice activity results in acidic or sour taste in the mouth.


Vayu: A variable digestion cannot always digest foods. When food is not digested, áma(toxic byproduct) develops. These undigested food toxins begin to ferment, causing burning sensations.

Pitta: Eating too many hot, spicy, sour, greasy foods and spices (e.g., onions, garlic, red peppers); incompatible foods, alcohol, and overeating. Other causes include eating too many sweets, such as cakes,which ferment and produce acid in the stomach.

Kapha: Weak digestion allows áma to develop when food is not digested. Thus, toxins ferment and cause burning sensations.

Symptoms: Heartburn, belching with sour taste or fluids, nausea, vomiting.


Vayu: Hingwastak, rock salt, lashunadi vati, draksha, along with antacids like shankh bhasma, Avipattikar churna, fennel, and praval pishti.

Pitta: Pitta-reducing foods and herbs, antacid foods like milk and ghee. Acidic and sour foods are avoided, including bananas (sour post-digestive taste), pickles, wine, and yogurt. Useful herbs include shatavari, licorice, Aloevera Juice, chirayata, and antacids like shankh bhasma  (conch shell ash) and avipattikar churna.

Kapha: Hingwastak,  rock salt,  lashunadi bati, draksha; and antacids like shankh bhasma (conch shell ash) and avipattikar churna.

Alternative Medicine – Avipattikar Choorna

Avipattikar Churna (Powder) removes excess Pitta (Fire) from your stomach & small intestine. Churna alleviates Hyper-acidity, Heart-burn & Indigestion. High Pitta (Fire) causes the problem of Acidity or Hyper-Acidity. To reduce High Pitta  in the abdomen, Avipattikar Churna is very benecial. For hyper-acidity & abdominal aches being a mild laxative it makes the stool soft, helping to check mild constipation & improve the appetite.