What Are the Best Pets For Children?

What are the best pets for children? If you have a child, getting a pet for them can be one of the greatest things you can do for them, as it will allow them to learn about animals and also learn about the responsibility of looking after a pet. But it is important to get the best pet for your child.

Cats make great pets because they tend to mainly look after themselves. They just need feeding and their litter tray to be cleaned, but apart from that they do not need constant attention, yet they are so cute and cuddly and most children will love having cats around.

Dogs tend to be more demanding, needing more constant attention, and also needing to be taken out for walks. This will take time out of a child's day, but in the long run the child will learn more about the responsibility side of owning a pet.

For children that live in small apartments where space is more of a factor, smaller pets might be more ideal. Goldfish are very simple pets to look after, and do not require much space. Birds are another option, as they can be kept in a cage to stop them flying around too much. Rats are easy to care for, although some children might not like the idea of ​​owning a rat. If that is the case, then maybe consider getting a guinea pig, as they very sweet natured and also easy to care for. However, one thing to remember with Guinea pigs is that they have a high need for vitamin C to prevent scurvy.