What Are the Best ADHD Natural Remedies?

If you have read up on the devastating side effects brought by ADHD medication, then you’re probably searching for the best natural remedies for ADHD. But it might surprise you to know that there is no such thing as a “best natural remedy” or “best alternative treatment” for the disorder!

You might have gotten the idea of a “best remedy” for ADHD from the way Western medicine views attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Any medical doctor will tell you that ADHD is caused by a lack in key neurotransmitters, specifically dopamine and norepinephrine. The best way to treat ADHD is to take medications that stimulate the production of dopamine, which allows the patient to become more focused, attentive, and behaved. Some doctors will supplement ADHD medications with behavioral therapy and a few environmental changes, but they will say that other methods will not work unless the individual is medicated.

The thing you need to know is that ADHD is caused by more than just an imbalance in neurotransmitters, and treating the real causes of ADHD is even more complicated than simply taking a pill. ADHD develops in a person when specific environmental factors interact with that person’s predisposition to the condition. These environmental triggers can range from complications during pregnancy and childbirth, to the individual’s current habits and lifestyle choices. The chemical imbalance in the brain is merely a result of this interaction, and the combination of other symptoms and health problems these triggers create can be endless. This is why no two people experience the same set of ADHD symptoms, and why no two people will have the same response to the same treatments, be it Ritalin or a natural remedy like omega-3 oil supplements. One treatment may work wonders on a child while having nearly no effect in another. In other words, a “best natural remedy” for ADHD does not exist because what is “best” is determined by the individual’s unique body chemistry, medical history, and environment.

During your search for natural remedies for ADHD, consult a health care specialist and ask which natural treatments can best address your child’s unique needs and symptoms. When you view your search in this manner, you can easily see the whole picture of ADHD and approach its treatment from several angles. Here are a few leads where you can begin your search.

Several studies have shown that children with ADHD also suffer from deficiencies in key nutrients and minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and omega-3 essential oils. Look for a health care specialist who can conduct tests to see if your child is deficient in these nutrients. If a deficiency is detected, you can put your child on a diet or supplement an existing diet with the right vitamins.

Children with ADHD are also found to have inadequate brain stimulation. Most children today spend hours sitting in school and hours sitting in front of the computer or TV instead of going out to play and give their postural muscles a workout. Inadequate exercise keeps the body from giving the neurological stimulation required by the brain. If you think your child does not move around enough, encourage him or her to spend time outdoors or enroll him or her in a sports program.

Keep in mind that your child will need more than one natural remedy to address all the environmental factors triggering the disorder. So if you want nothing less than the best natural remedy for ADHD, then you should search for a comprehensive treatment plan created just for your child’s unique needs. The Unritalin Solution is designed to meet these needs.