What Are the Benefits of a Canida Yeast Cleanse?

Candida is quite normal in a person that is healthy, but if dysbiosis begins which is an unbalance of intestinal flora it can cause unpleasant symptoms to occur. If the imbalance is left to continue the candida can morph into dangerous fungus which can injure your intestines. Harmful toxins are then created which your body cannot detoxify. Good bacteria is needed to help eliminate these toxins and keep your intestinal flora in balance. The toxins can also cause disease and immune disorders if left untreated.

Many people have candida but do not know it as someone with a yeast overgrowth can have so many different symptoms such as digestive problems, skin rashes,muscle aches and pains,headaches and chronic pain. You may also develop allergies to certain foods and environmental allergies to pollen and dust. Most of the symptoms that you get with candida are from vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as calcium,magnesium. vitamin B and zinc. If you are suffering from the above symptoms a candida yeast cleanse would be very beneficial.

So what causes a yeast overgrowth? There are many factors that can contribute to an overgrowth. Some causes are:

-Antibiotic use. Which kills off good and bad bacteria

-Your diet can also cause an overgrowth. If you have a high sugar diet,eat large amounts of carbohydrates or yeast types of foods

-If you are on a contraceptive pill which can upset the balance of flora in your gut

A candida yeast cleanse will help balance your intestinal flora so your body can start to recover and regain your health back.