What Are the Basic Migraine Symptoms and How to Tackle Them!


Migraine headaches are one of those headaches, which can occur anytime if exposed to trigger factors. In contrast to general headache, this type is one which occurs at a gap of certain time period, ranging from a fortnight to a month as well.

Generally speaking, migraine headache is a type, where there occurs a throbbing pain mostly on one side of head and this pain contrary to general ones can last for a much longer span of time and is more excruciating. Hence, one should be extra careful regarding them.

Migraine headaches can be divided into two categories:

Aura type: in this case a person usually gets a sensation some time before actual pain begins. This time period is generally half an hour to one hour. In this case, there are two types of feeling:

A visual blurring happens. A person might have a blackout or may see variety of patterns, zigzag lines. This can also cause sense of dizziness.

A person can suddenly feel a numbing pain in body. The quality of this pain can be extremely sharp as well like a needle, almost numbing one’s complete sensations.

Without aura: in this case no such prior warning may be given of migraine symptoms and attack may be sudden.

Certain symptoms that differentiate migraine headache:

  • Throbbing nature of its pain. Also, its location is unilateral. So it happens only on one side of head.
  • A terrible vomiting tendency and a sense of nausea. In general headaches, these symptoms may be found rarely, but in this case, it is profound.
  • Sudden extra sensitivity towards light, sound or any external source that may cause dizziness temporarily.
  • Loss of coherence in speech.
  • A needle like pain at the back of the head and a sense of numbness or at times even paralysis all over one’s body.

Thus, one should be very careful since, the moment one may find these additional symptoms with a headache, clearly it is migraine symptoms.

However, there are certain triggers that may indicate to a person suffering from migraine that pain is about to occur.

Migraine triggers:

  • A seasonal change is one of the primary causes of migraine symptoms. Change in weather greatly affects these people.
  • Disruptive changes in one’s body. Sudden changes in mood, at times being depressed while at times being over enthusiastic.
  • A sense of fatigue and muscle aching felt over a time period. Also, a constant numbness in one’s body.
  • A sense of irritability towards almost everything around a person.

Final word:

Thus, it is essential that one should be extremely careful regarding these migraine symptoms triggers and should maintain a proper diary to care for it. They can very well take help of http://www.mewithoutmigraine.com/migraine-diary to keep a list of their triggers and timings for future reference.