What Are Skin Tags and How to Remove Them

Many people are very interested in finding what causes skin tags and how to remove them. First of, I will explain what causes a skin tag and then I will provide you with a few solutions for removing them. I know how tragic it can be thinking that people are noticing the skin tags on your neck or even hanging from your eyelids. Nevertheless, there are some home treatments that will clear up your tags so that you can walk around with more confidence due to the fact that you have less skin blemishes.

What causes a tag exactly?

Tags are caused when layers of skin are rubbing together causing a lot of friction. They are completely harmless, but they can really reduce someone’s self-esteem.

They seem to be made up of a sponge material that hangs from a piece of normal skin. They can also have a velvety texture to them. They are not dangerous. They’re simply just pieces of flesh.

How does one remove a tag at home?

You can simply try to snip a tag off by using a pair of sterilized nail clippers. You have to ensure that the clippers are sterilized because if not, there will be a chance of infection if you introduce dirty clippers onto the surface of the skin where you have cut off the tag.

The best method is to stretch out your tag using a pair of clean tweezers and then to simply cut if off at its base using the clippers.