Wellness For Life

What happens in the human body with continued poor eating habits, smoking, not enough sleep, too much stress? Any one of these habits could put a body “out of whack”. Toxins build up and damage our cells in what is known as “metabolic stress”.

We all have a gene in our bodies called NF Kappa B, which regulates more than 400 genes that are associated with good and bad health. NF Kappa B is the “master regulator” that tells our cells when to duplicate, to divide, and to die off as part of our normal health regimen. When our systems are overloaded by metabolic stress, our cells start malfunctioning, creating an opening for such diseases as diabetes , heart disease , strokes, macular degeneration and cancer . It would be worse than traffic going wrong on a one-way street with horns blowing and drivers yelling. We really want to prevent that master regulator from getting overloaded and creating chaos!

This year there is a protector to help prevent diseases that are brought on with unhealthy lifestyles. It is MeridiumXN . Until this year, there has not been a formulation like this that humans could process in their bodies. This anti-toxin has been studied since 1960 and finally, the testing produced an antioxidant that can be healthfully assimulated in the human body. For myself, I think that taking this natural supplement raises my immunity and increases my focus and clear thinking. At 76 years of age, I’m particularly careful about how I take care of my health.

Retirement is the new small business economy. Age 50 is the new age 30. Age 80 is the new 60. I retired when I was 70, from a University library. I worked there for 22 years. I decided to quit and have fun doing something else. I travel and use the internet a lot. At first, I really had trouble overcoming gremlins (psychological barriers) about doing new things, like selling on the internet or opening a “my space”. But I decided that new things keep people healthier and happier. It’s a good time for me. A person does not have to just retire, but can do something fun, constructive and profitable if she chooses!