Welcome Dysfunctional Globalists And Dislocated Workers With No Voice In The Process


Flip the Flat World of the Globalists over and see what you get. It’s a mess. Those are not potato bugs under it. President Franklin Roosevelt said economic diseases are highly communicable. Under the Globalist Free Trader Flat World there are many of these diseases. There are many parasites living off the least of us.

In the first place, who said the U.S. had to compete in an economic global arena. The industrial revolution is not over. We still use the same products. We just exported it to other lands. What we got here is a Designer Global Economy fashioned by elite groupings, governments brokering the deals and massive trans national corporations outside of any real definition of Free Enterprise. We also have world organizations like the WTO controlling the flow of wealth and trade outside of any real democratic process and obviously without the consent of the workers involved.

As they have done for over a century, Leftists come to fill the voids when Capitalism becomes raw exploitation. The Free Enterprise system not being really “free” takes the hits. Labor comes next. Adam Smith held labor to be something sacred and the core of any society. Globalists have made labor the main commodity being traded and not products. Workers are put on a global block to compete with one another down to the lowest levels of wage slave labor and child labor. The world is still waiting for a system where the old biblical adage is practiced – Do unto others have you would have them do to you. Unfortunately, men of good will foster many things but they deal with only the effects rather than search out the causes.

You can cover a festering boil with a band aid but eventually the boil has to be lanced. For example, many people of good will want the USA to absorb the illegal Mexican immigrants. They never ask why did the massive migration begin. After all, the USA send over 4,000 factories to Mexico to help out the Mexican economy. President Bush tells us that the Mexican workers come to the USA to take jobs Americans will not take. He neglects to tells us that there are many jobs in Mexico that the Mexican workers will not take in many of these 4,000 former U.S. factories. They will not work for impoverished wages just like Americans in this country will not. Now many of these factories are moving out to places like China for the sake of even cheaper labor. All this is happening while both the USA and Mexico report low unemployment. Workers on both side of the border are suffering. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans exposed an underclass living in a Silent Depression and New Orleans is not the only city in the country like this.

In the USA, more older Americans are filing bankruptcy. In 2002, the percentage of Americans older than 45 who entered bankruptcy reached 39 percent, up from 27 percent in 1994. The steepest increase in Chapter 7 filings occurred among people older than 55. The Consumer Bankruptcy Project found that the rate at which older Americans- those 65 years of age and older- filed for bankruptcy increased 213 percent between 1991 and 2001. This reminds us of a note in a church bulletin that read – Success is reaching Social Security age before having to declared bankruptcy. Reportedly, most credit card debt is due to the rising costs of housing and health care. However, most reports leave out the fact that about 47% of small business people have maxed out their credit cards trying to keep their business afloat. Another statistic needs to be addressed too. One third of all those over 55 who lost their jobs never found another one. They were forced to drain their resources for ten years prior to Social Security kicking in. It also must be noted that those who did work while going on Social Security at age 62, had to rebate part of their payment even if they only made about $12,000 a year. At the same time, they had to contiune paying the payroll tax for others. ( People on pensions and interest income, do not have to pay the payroll tax), but those who are forced to keep working get a penalty for working and pay for others at the same time.

And let us not forget, when debtors get caught paying usury interest rates from about 18 percent to over 30 percent interest, there is usually no way to make a come back from the deep hole of debts and everyone knows this including the creditors and the government. Government says it is nothing personal. It is only business.

The bankruptcy rate increased 213 percent between 1991 and 200l for those 65 years of age and older. This should be something personal for all of society.

The new bankruptcy laws actually stop many from declaring bankruptcy. The cost of filing bankruptcy has risen due to all the rules. Before declaring bankruptcy, the party or parties have to take a pre filing course and then a post filing course. This also cost money. The Legal Aid Society will not take any cases that are Judgement Proof – meaning there is nothing left to go after. Most likely in the near future we will get a report on how many people had no reason to declare bankruptcy except due to all the pressure of debt collection agents.

This is only one of the untold stories behind the Dysfunctional Globalists and  Dislocated  Workers. For further information, see Flip the Flat World over and see what you get at http://tapsearch.com/flatworld/

It provides a long list of more untold stories behind the betrayal of workers. No matter what, the Dysfunctional Globalists keep calling for more and more Free Trade even though there is a long history of failures. Many people of good will promote the Globalist Flat World of Free Traders like Thomas Friedman of the New York Times and the Clintons from the Land of “is”.

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