Weird and Unusual Phobias

Weird phobias – do you ever wonder why people have weird phobias? We can all relate to a fear of the dark and to a fear of thunderstorms, even if we have since our childhood managed to overcome them. Most of us dislike spiders, and other creepy, crawly types of insect. Some people have a phobic reaction to moths, but there seems to be no phobia for butterflies which appear to be carefree and bright, likewise there do not seem to be any phobias about the rainbows which come with sun and light rain. Some have phobias about flowers but often it can be just certain types of flower which cause the phobia. Some phobias seem to focus on things dark or menacing, or uncomfortable to the touch.

Sometimes phobias centre upon objects which actually do have some capacity to be dangerous, such as a fear of sharks, or of flying. Most often the object of the phobia is quite innocent itself, such that other people find it weird that someone would have any reason to be frightened of it. Why, for example should anyone be frightened of books, or of rooms, or of things which are placed to right (or to the left) of them. Perhaps these types of phobia relate to our general fear of the unknown, or of finding something that you do not want to see or know about.

People often report an incident in life which they think might have been the cause of their phobic terror, something very traumatic, or some half remembered event from childhood. When a phobia can be referenced to a specific event, all that it usually means is that the person still has issues about the event which they have failed to process. There is a difference between something happening which merely reminds you of a prior event, and something happening which takes you right back into the traumatic event and makes you full of its fear.

Probably every object which people have a phobia about is really standing in the place of some other situation, with characteristics similar to the focus of the phobia. Take the example of a phobia about string, what is it about the appearance or qualities of string that makes you shake and tremble.

There are weird phobias such as a fear of baldness, chins, of seeing people’s knees, or of stooping down.

Many people, perhaps surprisingly, report a fear of clowns. Often this phobia is linked with a fear of ventriloquist dolls and puppets. These types of phobia may be connected to a fear of outside control. Some people have a fear of symmetry and repetitive patterns. Others may fear asymmetry which can be connected to obsessive compulsive disorders.

Much of the symbolism of phobias is repeated in our dreams. People trying to work through their phobias may be asked to journal their dreams. If similar themes to our phobias are appearing in our dreams, then some form of dream analysis can be helpful with interpretation. The key to resolving phobias is to talk very freely about them, thinking of everything that they mean to you, anything that they could represent. A fear of falling could be related to a deep seated fear of failure, a fear of heights to being alone and unsupported. In every case, a person will be able to suggest reasons for their phobia, and these will be the clues to underlying insecurities and fears. Very often people find it very re-assuring to know that other people suffer from weird phobias too. Sometimes people are very distressed or embarrassed about what their phobias are – it is good to know that a lot of otherwise normal people suffer from the same or similar fears. If you have a phobia, and particularly if it is spoiling your life, do not be shy to get some help. Having a weird phobia does not mean you are mad – it means that you probably just need some help to deal with untangling some emotional issues which are the basis for your anxiety.