Weight Loss Workout – Work Your Way Out of Obesity


Obesity is spreading now across the world like an epidemic and some serious measures must be taken by the government to cope with it. The increasing pace of life and the stress of corporate world hardly leave any time for giving your body some physical stress and strain in the gym. But while we are young we barely realize the consequences of such acts. All the fatty food at the fast food joint is acceptable because there is no time for a proper lunch. The late night parties and the large quantities of alcohol are also okay right now because you need to de-stress from the work related tensions and issues. But do you realize the long term repercussions of such activities? Arthritis, Obesity, Heart Troubles, and low stamina are just a few of them.

So, is there anything that you can do to reverse all the harm that you have done to your body? Well, I am sorry to say that you can’t. You definitely can’t reverse all the harm that you’ve done to your body, but you can still undo quite a lot of it. But, how? Well, to begin with you need to add at least 2-3miles of jogging or brisk walking to your daily schedule. Jogging has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective exercises against loss of stamina. An early morning jog will pump a lot of fresh oxygen into your lungs and thus, keep you energetic all day long.

Once you have followed the jogging routine for at least two weeks religiously, it’s time to add some more exercises to your daily schedule. Join the local gym and do cycling and/or rowing exercises for at least 20-25 minutes. This will help to warm up your body and also to burn a few calories before you start with some more strenuous exercises.