Weight Loss Surgery – Stomach Stapling

Progress in the surgical weight loss medical field has led to all sorts of various treatment options which have each had their own set of successes and failures. As medical technology expands and time reveals the success rates associated with certain treatments, medical professionals can decide which treatments are best and when. Certain treatments may be altered or abandoned to keep the health of patients in tact.

One popular weight loss treatment was stomach stapling to restrict its size, in effect limiting the amount of food that would enter the stomach and be digested. Though success was seen overall with this procedure, certain complications arose with stapling the stomach in certain ways, particularly horizontal stapling. This method alone did not achieve the kind of weight loss that patients were looking for. Modern technology is this area has expanded this treatment option to include a restrictive procedure like stapling yet in addition to a band that is wrapped around the pouch created by the stapled area. This procedure was generally abandoned in the US after success rates were not high enough to warrant its use. Patients were regaining weight after losing it which resulted in the decision to look to other options to halt weight gain.

All in all, stomach stapling lost its appeal due to the ease with which the body could over time develop greater abilities to hold and digest more foods. It is important to keep in mind that all weight loss procedures have risks and less than flawless results. More often than not, what causes much of the less than stellar long term results is the overall indecision on behalf of patients to adopt a more healthful lifestyle. Weight loss treatments can help the body to lose weight sure, but not to keep it off necessarily. Especially over the long term, it only makes sense to adopt a healthier way to treat the body, a healthier way to eat, move, and live. Since most weight loss surgeries are not necessarily cheap and not covered by major health insurance providers, it is important to value your investment. By keeping track of your health, diet, and exercise routine, you can really keep your weight within a healthy limit. Furthermore, doing so is empowering and helps with self control and balance in all things.

Like stomach stapling, all surgeries that assist with weight loss and gain, either by restricting intake or absorption, have benefits and risks. After spending the time and money to have a surgeon help you get on a healthier path, it is important to protect that investment and do what you can to keep that surgery working for you and not against you. As modern medicine advances onward, there may be new surgeries that develop, similar to stomach stapling, that offer some consolation to those who find keeping a healthy weight to be a challenge. As time goes on, these sorts of advances will obviously make surgical care even more effective. But at the end of the day, and the surgery, each patient is responsible for their own health and once you leave that clinic post-operation, your health and weight are in your hands.