Weight Loss Made Easy

I am a fitness instructor and personal trainer and have been in the industry both professionally and as a participant all my adult life.

Here are some simple ways to start fat burning, get a Lean body and have a fitter way of life.

Always, Always, Always start the day with Breakfast!

This can be…

Eggs, Bacon, Small Wholegrain Cereal, Small amount of Toast, Decaff Tea or Coffee, Water, fruit, natural yoghurt.

The next meal should be a small snack around 3 hours later!

Seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetable sticks, water, dried fruit, natural yoghurt

Lunch will be approx 3 hours after that and should either be fish, lean meat, lean vegetarian soya based product, fresh salad or vegetables and small amount of potato or rice or pasta. (Select brown rice, sweet potato and brown pasta). The meat and veg/salad should be plentiful and the starchy rice, pasta and pots should be minimal)

Have a small snack again 3 hours later, using a choice of fruit, veg sticks, seed, nuts, dried fruit, natural yoghurt, boiled egg etc…

Evening meal will be fresh meat or fish, even a vegetarian option if that’s what you want, with lots of Fresh vegetables (No Potatos, rice or pasta) or salad. A desert can be an optional extra and this will be fruit based or natural yoghurt based or combination of fruit, natural yoghurt and nuts. The body metabolises food slower in the evening.

This basic meal plan has served me well and has helped my clients lose weight quickly over the first 6-8 weeks or so and can be used as a staple for adding different foods as the weeks progress. Be very strict for the first 4-6 weeks then have a cheat meal once a week.

Make sure that you drink plenty of water 1-2 litres if you are not exercising fir the first week then 2-3 litres for the following week. This will help with huger pangs and cravings as well.

If you are exercising, you should drink 2-3 litres a day throughout the entire programme. Remember though, diet is something that MUST be done every single day of our lives and isn’t something you stop when your weight goal is reached. This leads to failure, and you’ll return to your previous weight quicker then you lost it, so please, please, please, KEEP EATING RIGHT!

Sean Sibley,

Personal Trainer