Weight Loss Goals – How to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals


Today, I’m going to share with you some tips and advice on how you can achieve your weight loss goals easily and with some efforts.

The first thing you should need to find out is your target weight and determine how much you need to lose. Then, break your goals down to weekly weight loss amounts and work one pound at a time towards it, it may seem pale in comparison to those Biggest loser contestants but yours is realistic and achievable in the time that you can devote.

Don’t think you’re going to lose 100 pounds in one month because it will mostly be water and precious muscle and to shift that kind of mass in such a short time frame will no doubt damage your body in the process.

Slow wins the race, that’s how the weight came on, don’t think you can lose 10 years worth of weight in one month. I promise it will come off quicker than it went on. Stick with it. Prioritize your weight loss. Sacrifice something you can do without such as watching television or playing video games. It’s important that you make that time for yourself if you want to see results.

Keep track of your calories and how much you’re eating. Buy yourself a little notebook and jot down all of the things you eat in a day. Look at the food packaging and determine how many calories you consumed. Also watch out for how much sugar and sodium you are taking into your body. Unless they are unprocessed and raw, most cereals will have high hidden sugar content in the form of fructose which is fruit sugar to give cereal its sweet taste.

You must be aware of this because this is where hidden calories are coming from. Fructose although a fruit sugar can still be stored as fat if not burned off as energy. Be mindful and aware of what you are eating. And find the things you can do without in your current diet such as food high in fat and sugars. Look for added sugars and added juices on your food packaging.

As soon as you have figured out how many calories you are currently consuming compared to how many calories you are burning you can get started. See where you can start reducing calories from your diet.

This can easily be achieved by cutting out extra fatty junk foods and reducing your food portions. Look at your current schedule and where you can start slotting in some exercise. Are you able to squeeze in an easy walk for at least 30 minutes? Can you go for a bike ride with the kids? It doesn’t matter where your fitness level is currently at, you will only get stronger from this point on.

Be consistent, this is now your lifestyle. It takes a while to replace old habits with new ones and your health will improve and you’ll feel better then you have in a long time. Don’t cheat because the only person you’re cheating is yourself. Stay focused on your goal, remember your reasons for wanting to lose the weight in the first place and you the weight will drop off. (This is why your purpose is so important).

Re-evaluate where you’re at every 30 days. You will gain more energy, more strength as the weight falls off and as you do you will be able to increase your intensity and duration.