Weight Loss Advice – Top 10 Worst Drinks


Here are the top 10 worst drinks to consume when trying to lose weight and be healthy in general. If you do drink any mentioned below then ensure that you drink them now and again and in moderation rather than daily. This list will hopefully alert you to the fact that when trying to lose weight it's not just your eating habits you have to change but also your drinking habits.

1. Soft drinks. They have high fructose corn syrup in them, excessive amounts of sugar and sodium. This Promotes dehydration and is not healthy for your body.

2. Energy drinks. They have excessive amounts of caffeine. One energy drink has twice the amount of caffeine as a coke. They also have a lot of sugar and promote dehydration because of the large volume of caffeine.

3. Diet drinks. Although they say zero sugar, zero calories and zero carbohydrates they are filled with artificial sweeteners. These have the effect of making your body crave real sugar.

4. Cocktails. High calorie high sugar alcoholic drinks.

5. Alcohol. Causes dehydration and depletion of b vitamins which causes low energy.

6. Fruit flavored drinks contain too much sugar.

7. Sports drinks. Far too much sugar to benefit your body. Eating a piece of fruit like a banana and drinking water during or after exercise is more beneficial than having a sports drink.

8. Coffee. High in calories, sugar and caffeine which promotes dehydration

9. Fruit juices made from concentrate. They seem like a healthy option but they are loaded with added sugar liked refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup

10. Non-organic milk. Regular milk comes from cows that are fed genetically modified food, they are given antibiotics as well as being given hormones which are passed onto the milk that you drink.

Organic milk is higher in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, A and antioxidants.