Webcam Doctors

Are you feeling low? Do you have any health problems? Do you not have the time or are you unable to visit a Doctors office when you are not well? If your answer to any or all of the questions is yes, the solution to all your problems is the Internet. Yes, it’s true, you can check all your health related problems either personal or general through online internet services. There are many advantages to online health information & health services like ease of convience, online prescriptions or by reading reviews about the medicines you take, but one of the best ways is through Webcam Doctors. You can discuss your health problems privately with a Doctor via the webcam (ONLINE HOUSE CALL VISIT). Well, to do this conveniently one needs to have a basic webcam that has audio capabilities and internet access. Generally the way you discuss with your Doctor through webcams regarding your health, one has to follow certain guidelines to get it right. 1 To contact an online Doctor, the patient should select a site that provides him secure online services. 2 A patient should have a complete knowledge about what he or she wants to ask a Webcam Doctor online before contacting online. 3 Via webcams the patient and the doctor, both feel the presence of each other and thus the patient can discuss his health problems with the Online Doctor without hesitation and most comfortably (as if you are personally in the Doctors clinic) but with the privacy of your home. 4 The Doctor understands the patient’s problems, reviews his records, diagnosis and lastly prescribes, everything is done online! The Webcam acts as a great mediator between the patient and the doctor. 5 The patient who is consulting with the Webcam Doctor needs to know the charges or the fees they are supposed to pay after consultation. Usually the Webcam doctors charge per minute, some per half hour secession. Most Webcam Doctors will give you 3 – 4 minutes FREE to go over your records or for a new consultation. 6 The Webcam Doctors consultation charges may vary depending on a number of things like a) The specialist that the patient chooses. b) If the patient wants an immediate consultation instead of waiting for next opening. c) The time period spent with the Webcam Doctor right from discussing your health problem till you are prescribed for medication. d) The number of visits with that particular Webcam Doctor or re-visit charges paid after consultation that are normally lesser than the first visit. For all this, the entire billing process is automatic, right from presenting the billing code till the reimbursement done by the patient who needs to pay through his credit card which is again an online transaction. If you are tired of traveling long distances to reach your doctor and waiting for long hours, your problem is solved. Just log on and discuss your health problems with your Webcam Doctor who is always at your service. (but not a major one like heart problem, neurological disorder etc, where obviously a personal visit is recommended) you are just a click away from your Online Webcam Doctor.