Ways to Prevent Goldfish Diseases

If you are a lover of goldfish and have them at your home you must ensure that they are well taken care of. They are quite delicate and can die easily if you do not look after them in a proper manner. The first thing to do will be to provide these splendid creatures with clean and hygienic environment. It is a fact that a lot of people are unaware of the necessary precautions that they must take to keep these fish healthy. As a result they die prematurely of disease. Here you will find a few simple yet effective and essential precautions that you need to take to guarantee bacteria free fish tank.

Carefully clean your fish tank

It is essential to keep your fish bowl clean and bacteria free. Most people are lazy when it comes to cleaning their fish tanks. In order to make your fish tank water bacteria-free you need to change the water and clean it once a week. It may sound like a heavy task to clean the aquarium every week but believe me, it is essential in maintaining the health of your goldfish.

Another precaution to be taken while cleaning your fish tank is to wash your hands well before cleaning your tank. This will ensure that you are not transmitting any bacteria to the fish tank from your hands while cleaning. Human hands can carry a lot of dangerous bacteria and if your goldfish comes in touch of them it will surely die.

Clean your filter with care

It is crucial for the health of your fish that you regularly clean your water filter inside the fish tank. Go and have a look at your filter and see how clean it looks. In fact it may contain unsightly fungus as well which can spread disease inside the tank. So you must clean and rinse the tank filter regularly whenever you change the water of the tank. In most cases it is seen that unclean filters can aid in the development of harmful bacteria which may lead to a disease like ‘Ick’, which is a very common disease associated with goldfish.

Buy a water siphon

A water siphon can be of great help in maintaining cleanliness inside the fish tank. It is for the purpose of cleaning the gravel in a tank. These water siphons suck all harmful particles which gather over the time. They should be used twice in a week. In fact if you have a water siphon you will not be required to change the whole tank water. However, it is still better to change at least 25 % of tank water every week for maintaining optimum living conditions inside your precious fish tank.

So you can see that maintaining clean and bacteria free environment is the best method of goldfish care. Follow the above mentioned suggestions and you will see how healthy your goldfish becomes.