Ways To Cope With Grief

Every second hurts. There is no reply from the bereavement. Be it your parents, spouse or child (which may be the toughest), grief is one of the most torrid emotions that humans experience. However, the fact still remains that even though you might have lost an important person in your life, coming to terms with the loss, is difficult. The hollow feeling might never really go away but life still goes on. It might stop for a few days, or feel like a jumble of days and nights as you grope through the darkness to find the light again, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As long as you are alive, you have to pass through the pain and yet emerge a strong person. One of the best ways to deal with grief is to talk about it. The more you enclose the pain and the hurt of losing someone, the more it will hurt. Talking to your siblings, friends and family will help you remember the positive memories, feeling and the joys you shared with the person you lost. We make memories that stay a lifetime and each memory can have some positive of negative aspect. But as they say, time is a great healer. Over time you might remember the fun, good times you had instead of the intense pain that you suffered when the person passed away.

Celebrate life. Do not you think that the person in spirit still loves you? Would he or she be happy to see you sad and unhappy? Some things are beyond our control but that is God's will and at some point everyone has to die. But keep the memory and move on with your life. With hundreds of men, women and children in the hospital fighting deadly diseases, you are lucky to be alive and well. Think of the false person often, say and think about the positivity the person brought into your life and in their memory, stay happy.

Do something. Do not sit around and mope. Although you are depressed and do not want to do anything or fatually mentally and can not cope with the present everyday life, you need to pull yourself together and find a purpose in life again. Volunteer at the hospitals, teach underprivileged children or just spend some time at the church or other religious institutions and help the needy. Help someone in need, aid a fundraiser or attend charity events. Your contribution of time and effort can be uplifting for numerous lives. Plus, you'll have a purpose in life again to do something for someone, which always leaves a good feeling in your life.