Ways to Control Social Phobias

The paranoia starts to set in and you realize then and there that you need to control social phobias that are holding you back. The truth of the matter is that most of these fears of being in public or in crowded places have little to do with this disorder. In reality social phobias are a class of semi-delusional thought processes that are entirely controlled by the human mind. In only a few select cases was there an actual real past traumatic experience that was directly accountable for the present state of affairs in your mind. This can be changed, these fears of the subway, the mall, the city street, can be removed. It will not be easy and it will not be immediate as Rome was not built in a day neither was the social phobia that is strangling your life.

Abusing Drugs and Alcohol

People that have social fears, and are in need of a way to control these disorders in their life, turn to the wrong people, places, and things. Not all but an ever-increasing percentage of sufferers of social phobia turn to the numbing properties of illicit drugs and alcohol. This is a temporary band-aid and one that only creates many other more destructive issues in the lives of these individuals. Marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, pain-pills, are being abused at an alarming rate by not just the sufferers of social anxiety, but by the entire population. This is the wrong path for you to go down to help control these phobias that are hampering your life. There is a better way.

Ways to Control Social Phobias

o Eat and drink of front of someone
o Go to the park and sit on a bench and read a paper
o Go to the public library and peruse the books
o Use a clean public toilet
o Talk on the telephone not just the internet

Some Social Phobias are Self-Created Fears

These are small steps for some and very large and fear-filled scenarios for others yet they all will help control social phobias in your life. You only need to select one or two of the above listed scenarios to tackle and then see what you can do! The end result is to delete from your mind the irrational fears that plague most social phobia sufferers. This will not be easy and this will not be as fun as a movie night in the city yet it will be an improvement. Take one step forward and one step forward again, and again until the crowd that you have been running from is now running to you.