Ways for Men Over 60 to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction


As a man gets older the ability to get and to maintain an erection can be harder. Some men find it just takes a bit more foreplay. They may also find they can’t get a second erection soon after like they once could. This is normal and most couples find it to be an issue they can easily deal with. They are still able to have a very satisfying sex life in spite of such minor issues.

However, some males end up with what is know as erectile dysfunction. This can become a serious issue that affects the individual both mentally and physically. At first they may only have the problem once in a while. It can be embarrassing but couples can deal with it. The partner needs to be very encouraging and supportive so it won’t become a mental issue the next time sex is initiated.

For other men though erectile dysfunction can end up being a very serious problem. It can result in them becoming angry or upset. It can also lead to depression as many men do associate their manhood with their ability to have sexual intercourse. There are many reasons why a man may suffer from erectile dysfunction when they are 60 or older.

Medical concerns are the number one factor. Heart disease, high blood pressure, and even diabetes can all cause erectile dysfunction. Seeing a professional about what is going on is very important. They can help prescribe medications that can help with the issue. Sometimes it turns out to be the medications that you are on that make it hard to get an erection. The doctor can help to determine the cause and get the person back on track.

Mentally a man can prevent himself from being able to get an erection. Issues about not being able to in the past can certainly cause a great deal of anxiety. Not feeling attractive or worrying about being able to perform can also be a problem. Talking to your partner about your fears can help to alleviate them.

Changing lifestyle habits can really make a difference too. Some men over 60 aren’t able to get an erection due to heavily smoking or drinking. Working to get rid of these habits can help the issue of erectile dysfunction to take care of itself. Likewise, changing your diet and losing weight can be helpful as well.

There are several reasons why males over 60 years of age may be experiencing erectile dysfunction. Yet it doesn’t have to mean the very end of your sexual lifestyle. There are ways to deal with it that can get you back on track again. Be willing to try different things in order to get to the bottom of your problem.

One of the most frustrating things for men with erectile dysfunction is that it can take time to discover what is going to make a difference. You have to be willing to follow the doctor’s orders. You have to be open to trying a course of action for a couple of months and then exploring another one if that one wasn’t effective for you.

Sex for men over 60 is still very important and it can be very fulfilling. Don’t be afraid to look at your lifestyle to see where you can make changes. Go to a doctor you can trust and you are comfortable with. This way you can share your feelings and discover what your options are for effectively dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Some of the different treatments that a doctor can offer include various medications. With advances in technology there are also implants that are surgically placed inside of the penis. Counseling can be very effective when the doctor feels there may be a mental link to the erectile dysfunction. Exploring the various options can help you to be able to get and maintain an erection again like you did when you were younger.