Water Purifier Filter-Which One Is Best?

Choosing the correct water purifier filter according to your requirements can be tough, but it will not be with this guide. The following 'Under sink' and 'whole house' are easy to install. If for some reason you can not or do not want to tap into your pipes then 'Faucet Mount' or 'Counter Top' is what you need.
"Point of Entry" (POE) Whole House Water Filters

A high-flow Whole House water purifier filter fits where the water line comes into your home. It will reduce rust and sediment picked up from the pipes that deliver water to your home.

This first cleaning of incoming water will protect your appliances from the wear caused by rust and sediment in the water. A Whole House filter will also remove much of the chlorine that can cause itchy skin and damage your clothing.

"Point of Use" (POU) Water Filters

Install a high-contaminant-removal filter in your kitchen (or bathroom) where water is used for cooking and drinking. Called "Point of Use" filters, these units remove contaminants and provide clean, safe, tasty water.

Undersink Water Filter

Under sink water filters "polish" your water by reducing rust and sediment, odors and chlorine, lead, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds including pesticides like lindane and herbicides like atrazine.
Faucet Mount Water Filter

For a low-cost, an entry-level water filter, will give you tasty water from your tap. It takes only minutes to install.

Countertop Water Filter

Removes Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidum. Easy to install and affordable.
Refrigerator / Icemaker Water Filter. Refrigerator / Icemaker filters will make your ice cubes taste great and take that chlorine taste and odor out of your cold drinks.

Travel Water Filter

A travel water purifier filter is the ideal traveling companion, enabling you to filter water from almost any questionable source; tap water, water fall, stream, or in an emergency: swimming pool, toilet tank, water heater, etc.

The bottom line: if you are serious about achieving an d maintaining optimum health for your whole life, you simply can not drink tap water. The recent estimates are that our tap water is filled with over 100 different chemicals and harmful substances, all of which the EPA has done nothing to prevent.

Therefore, a water purifier filter is essential to enable you to drink pure, clean drinking. Hopefully, these reviews will help you find the best one for you.