Water Filters That Contain Alkaline – How Can This Process Improve Your Health?

Life depends on water. In all cases, water aids in the many activities the human body engages to. Water enables proper blood circulation and nutrients emissions, controls temperature, eliminates toxins and helps with digestion. Be it tap, mineral, distilled or charcoal filtered water, each one is designed for the same purpose – to refresh and energize the body. But what if the water is enhanced or reformulated? Will it still serve the same purpose?

Do water filters that contain Alkaline really promote health?

Alkaline water is the most talked about nowdays. The alkaline water ionizer was first developed in Japan in the early 1950's. Because of its groundbreaking benefits, the medical experts approved the use of it and soon became popular in many countries like Korea, Taiwan and China. Currently, every people in the world ponder and discover the wonders of alkaline water. But what does it really do?

Producing alkaline water would need the following processes: use of water ionizer, bypassing of water through bio-ceramic, bio-stone filters and magnetic fields and adding of alkaline mineral drops to ordinary water. Japanese scientists said that by doing these processes, it aims to separate all alkaline elements and all acid elements in the tap water to revert it back to its purest and ideal state for drinking. Good news is, with this technology, people will not only benefit from alkaline water but also from infrared charged, ion rich, coral calcium and magnesium alkaline water, then, making it a healthier water to drink. The human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. A balanced healthy body can be identified by proper pH balance and as determined by pH scale of 0-14 where 7.0 is neutral, less than 7 is acidic and greater than 7 is alkaline.

According to chemists and medical experts, an increase of pH level up to 7.4 is desirable; however, a drop to 6.95 can lead to serious health risks. Bad eating habit, smoking and drinking are some of the most common reasons for hyperacidity in the body. Alkaline aids to neutralize and maintain the healthy state of the body. That is why more and more doctors and health books recommend alkaline water. Because it went through important ionization processes, ordinary water became pure micro water that can easily be absorbed by the body. Some scientists and researchers believe that water is alive. With alkaline, water is more alive, charged, and life-enhancing. More testimonials confirm that aside from the healthy benefits you will get from alkaline water, it can also prevent a lot of sickness and diseases. Prevention is better than cure. Water Filters that contain Alkaline can only be trusted for a healthier lifestyle. So drink up!