Watch Out – Coliform Bacteria Symptoms Could Be Deadly

It is amazing how the coliform bacteria keep on announcing their presence in our bodies and yet we never get to notice them. All sorts of coliform bacteria symptoms will keep on popping up but it is until the doctor informs us about the existence of these bacteria in our bodies is when it dawns on us that we are actually harboring foreign organisms. Is it that we are ignorant about these symptoms or is it just negligence? These symptoms are said to appear within the first two to four days of which the bacteria must have entered your body system. So for those of you who may not know about these symptoms, tighten your safety belts.

Prolonged diarrhea is one common symptom that shows the presence of the coliform bacteria in the digestive system. When you notice that you have been experiencing a prolonged spell of diarrhea especially after consuming untreated water or ingesting food that was not properly prepared, you should immediately suspect the presence of colifom bacteria inside your digestive system. This condition is most of the time brought about by the E. coli bacteria that are found in contaminated water. They move inside your body together with the water and settle in the intestines. From here, the harmful strains that are carried by this type of bacteria move around making the digestive system not to function according to specifications hence not being able to digest the food accordingly. For this reason, more fluid is left together with food as the cells around the intestines are not able to absorb the water and subsequently diarrhea takes place. This condition is however treatable by taking the right kind of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Another one of the coliform bacteria symptoms is for you to continuously have episodes of food poisoning every time you eat. Food poisoning is an abnormal condition that is experienced whenever you ingest food substances that have been contaminated with the coliform bacteria belonging to the E. coli bacteria family. The bacteria stick to the food substance and are ingested together with the food substance. Once in the digestive system, the bacteria become active and are able to produce toxins from the serotype strain that contaminate the food bolus even further. This makes food not to be properly digested and in the process, you are let to experience pain in the lower stomach area as a result of this action. Therefore, when you notice that this condition keeps on recurring, let it serve as an indication that coliform bacteria are present inside your body system.

Having blood stains in your stool could be seen as being part of the coliform bacteria symptoms. If you discover that you have started having blood stains in your diarrhea, then have your stool tested for the presence of the E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria. These are the types of coliform bacteria that are responsible for this condition. The bacteria is believed to secrete harmful toxins while inside the intestines which leads to the cells around not to be able to absorb water and in the process you start to diarrhea and when the condition is not treated within a proper time frame, it is when you begin seeing blood stains accompanying the diarrhea.The blood is brought about the tissues around the walls of the intestines drying up because their cells no longer absorb water thus causing the tender tissue around it to wear out whenever stool is passed along its path. This forces the blood droplets to be carried along with the stool.

At this point in time it is so clear that seeking proper medical advice is what you need to do as fast as possible before the condition worsens.