Warm And Cold Winter Vacation Spots

If you are looking to take a vacation in January or February there are some places you should definitely look into for an unforgettable vacation.

If you want to go to somewhere warm the following are good choices…

1. Hawaii. During the winter months Hawaii is still usually around low to mid 80 degrees. The beaches and water in Hawaii are absolutely beautiful. Plus, there are so many fun activities to do such as scuba diving, helicopter tours, surfing, hiking, snorkeling and more. You can also get to see volcanoes.

2. Aruba. It tends to be in the 80’s all year round in Aruba. There are a lot more secluded beach spots in Aruba than in many other tropical beach spots. The greatest part about going to Aruba during January and February is that is when their carnival season begins.

3. Florida Keys. If you live in the United States and don’t want to go too far from home, then try Florida. The weather is usually between the 70s and 80s. There are also many fun activities like snorkeling, water skiing, golf, and more.

If you want to go somewhere cold during the winter months there are some really fun and interesting places to go. Maybe reading about the cold winter vacations places will make you forget all about going to a warm place.

1. Sweden. In Jukkasjarvi, Sweden every year the famous Ice Hotel is created. That’s right you can plan a vacation where you get to stay in a room and a bed made from ice. The Ice Hotel is beautiful and amazing and staying there is probably not something most of your friends can say they’ve done.

2. Alaska. Once again this is a great vacation that involves staying right in the U.S. In Alaska you can even go dog sledding. Plus, if you go in the winter you can view the Northern Lights, a beautiful and almost magical sight.

3. Colorado. Aspen, Colorado is famous for its ski resorts and slopes. If you want to go skiing without leaving the country go to Colorado. It has beautiful scenery and the state offers a lot more than just skiing.