War Losers Are Criminals – Military Leadership and Something to Think About

How many wars have been fought over different beliefs and religions? I’ve been alive for less than 50 years and through the span of history this is a very small amount time but yet I noticed certain patterns by studying history and being part of it.

Why do we accept war as a necessity or a need to acquire something or instill a certain belief into someone else? Is it because we know, we are absolutely right and we know for a fact 100% that our way of living is better than theirs? What makes the winner of the war right and the looser wrong?

I was watching a movie that Robert McNamara made called The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara. I never really put two and two together but he mentioned something in the movie that got me thinking. His superior officer mentioned to him one day,” You Do Realize Robert, If We Lose the War, We Are Going to Be Tried As War Criminals.”

I never really thought that just because we were right and they were wrong, our military leaders could be executed. But were right aren’t we and their wrong, isn’t this why we were fighting World War II. The Germans and Japanese were wrong in doing horrible things. We tried their military leaders and found them guilty. After they lost the war of course.

I guess when I was a kid playing baseball and my coach told me “That the winner takes all.” This also applies to real life, war, beliefs, society and what were forced to belief. If you study the wars throughout history, you will notice that most of the winning sides acquired benefits from the losers and sometimes even property. Makes sense doesn’t it, winner takes all.

Losing a war doesn’t make you a criminal, if you’re trained as a superior leader, doesn’t this involve killing people or are there specific guidelines that military leaders should follow. Are there specific rules and did the Americans and English follow these rules during World War II. Sometimes we need to study leadership books to gain knowledge and skills to become a better leader.

The concept of creating war criminals because they have killed others during the war, will probably never make sense to me. War is a horrible and cruel thing to bestowed on any country and with it comes many acts of horror, it’s war and there’s only one objective and that’s to win, at all costs. If were going to put the losing side on trial, shouldn’t we also find out more about the crimes the winning side committed during the war.