Want the REAL Secret to Dominating a Niche? Do THIS Everyday (But DO NOT Do That!)

I want to share with you what I believe is the real key to dominating a niche, and how EASY it really can be if you're willing to work.

The truth is, most of the online advice out there is bogus.

As a matter of fact, most of the people recommending you try a traffic strategy, or a niche marketing method, DO NOT really use those techniques themselves.

For the most part, they are "teaching" something they may have ONCE done a long while back …. made a few bucks, and turned That into a full time income being a teacher!

For example, I've worked with people who have thousands of people in membership clubs where they share their niche marketing "secrets" ….. YET, whenever we work together on a project that really IS about niche marketing, we've lost money.

(and believe it or not, it's usually MY super simple stuff that has to make up for where their sophisticated stuff falls short)

Here is ALL you need to do to dominate a niche …. EVEN in the most competitive niche there is:

CRUSH it with content. Create copyious amounts of KILLER content that converts like crazy and simply do not stop until you've got oodles of traffic coming in everyday on autopilot.

When I attack a new market, I'll write 10 or 15 articles a day. I'll have those articles re-purposed around the web using inexpensive outsourced help. I'll have one or two writers create supplemental articles as well …. and distribute them the very same way. (they're NOT going to be as "good" as mine or yours per se …. but they're good enough to generate LOTS of free traffic, and that's all we want)

In 2008 – I used my CONTENT and CONVERSION model to generate a million readers in a new niche, ALL using free traffic. (and hundreds of thousands of those people went to the affiliate programs we were pushing at the time …. again, without spending a dime on ppc)

What you MUST avoid is this:

Keyword constipation .. 🙂

Or said differently, Analysis Paralysis!

Do not worry about your keywords, and competition NEARLY as much as those gurus want you to. (I pay for 5 keyword tools and I almost NEVER even use them – mostly it's a waste of your time and attention)

Just use TITILLATING titles, make bold promises and use your content to build a COMMUNITY of fans and friends who will build your business on autopilot, once you get your groove going .. 🙂